Influencer Marketing & Customer Acquisition w/ Michael Pomposello of Blue Polo Interactive

Content Plus Commerce
Host: Blake Puryear
Guest: Michael Pomposello

On this episode Blake is joined by Michael Pomposello of the Blue Polo Interactive and
they talk about customer acquisition.

[00:01:37] - Background of Blue Polo Interactive
[00:05:28] - Small pond influencers vs big pond influencers
[00:12:20] - What is your Hero story
[00:15:02] - Diversifying acquisition tools, analytics on influencer reach/interaction
[00:18:12] - Customer Acquisition in the eComm space
[00:27:43] - Predictions for 2020, changes coming in the paid media/influencer space

Quotes from the Episode:

“We should all be putting our thoughts out there, taking different approaches, testing
and figuring out what works for the industry as a whole to give the industry
longevity.” [00:05:45]

“Starting to babysit Adwords and Facebook a little more than ever before is really
crucial to driving acquisition.” [00:21:38]

“Go diversify, find ways to do acquisitions in a way that is more cost effective than just
working with Facebook and Google.” [00:28:35]

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