Graham Lubie of Accorin: Planning on complexity. Grinding through the details. Doing things the right way in eCommerce

Content Plus Commerce - Episode 10 Host: Blake Puryear
Guest: Graham Lubie 
On this episode Blake is joined by Graham Lubie of Accorin

[00:01:04] - Background on Accorin
[00:03:17] - eCommerce trends that have come and gone
[00:05:15] - What are your “go to” tools? 
[00:07:09] - Selecting the correct platform/technology for the customer
[00:08:30] - what is one of your “Agency Hero” stories 
[00:11:19] - planning on complexity, grinding through details, and how to do thing the right way in eCommerce 
[ 00:16:50] - What are some coming trends that will take people by surprise 

Quotes from the Episode: 

“Fundamentally, eCommerce is complex and it’s difficult for people to switch off of platforms easily.” [00:03:20] 

“In order to deliver world class service you need two things: 1) a world class platform. 2) a world class team that is expert in that platform. “ [00:05:27] 

“You just have to grind through the details sometimes, there are no shortcuts.” [00:13:45] 

“Spend twice as much time upfront in analysis and you can get through it a lot faster and a lot more efficiently.” [00:16:28] 


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