eCommerce Trends, Building Sites on Magento & the Future of eCommerce! - Artūrs Krūze, CEO of Magebit The history of Magebit, eCommerce trends, building sites on Magento & the future of eCommerce!

On this episode we will talk about building on the web and building eCommerce digitally. We are joined by CEO & co-founder of Magebit, an eCommerce agency, Arturs Kruze. 


Arturs initially started as a developer, developing website for himself such as gaming websites then started working with various agencies building landing pages to complex systems. Finding Magento he realized it had a learning curve and you hate it until you love it but the benefits exceed expectation. With co-founder Krystaps Rjabovs, Magebit was founded 5 years ago as a full service agency specialized in Magento and now has a grown rapidly currently with a team of 55 full time employees based in Latvia. 


Magento is flexible, you can achieve anything and easily implement emerging technology into the platform. 

Customization is easy. Not only can you build but you can also maintain it in Magento and is developer friendly 

“The flexibility to be able to, for any clients use case, basically adapt and meet their needs without swapping platforms or learning something new” [00:04:15] 

AMP’s vs PWA’s 

AMP = Accelerated Mobile Pages (fast loading websites) PWA = Progressive Web Apps 

Are PWA’s the next big thing and whatever happened to AMP User friendly and fast. AMP’s were thought to be next big thing but google has implemented so many limitations that are too harsh making them no easily usable 

PWA’s are a current hot topic and Magento is already implementing their own framework, in reality it will be the next big thing, while not for everybody, for many business they will be a big conversion booster 
Quotes from the episode: 

What is the hardest part of building on eCommerse? 

“You have to understand there will be difficulties and you have to be able to adapt fast and act in the moment” [00:06:42] 

Do you do AB testing or side improvements? 

“Some of the biggest gains for some brands have been in testing product page layouts, not even testing checkout, a lot times it is the product page that can be the biggest lever and make the biggest difference” [00:09:48] 

What is a trend in eCommerce or the agency Life that you are working in that you think is going to be kind of hot in the next year? 

“I don’t think there is a single trend but one thing that I think is worth mentioning is personalization. That has been happening for quite a while already and there are new companies popping up with new personalization systems in place that can use machine learning or artificial intelligence for bringing the best possible customer experience to the shopper.” [00:14:44] 

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